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        Welcome to the official website of Anhui Jinyuan Household Arts Co., Ltd!

        Anhui Jinyuan Household Arts Co., Ltd

        Products using green production materials, hand woven high-end craft home, outdoor home based.

        Anhui Jinyuan home crafts Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, is located in Yingzhou Economic Development Zone, Fuyang City, Anhui Province. It is a large-scale manufacturing enterprise specializing in high-end craft home furnishings and outdoor home furnishings, and inheriting Chinese hand weaving culture. It has three large-scale modern standard workshops and an excellent management team. Now it has a modern production base of 114 mu, With more than 600 employees, the company has introduced advanced production line equipment from Germany and Italy, which has formed a congenital condition for the guarantee of product quality. In terms of product research and development, the company has a professional and exquisite R &amp; D team. In terms of marketing, the company has a professional marketing team and a perfect marketing system, integrating R &amp; D, production and sales.

        The company has fixed assets of 260 million yuan, 52 independent intellectual property patents, 5 soft works and 2 professional papers. It has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 system certification, and has been rated as "national key cultural export enterprise", "national senior export enterprise", "China quality integrity enterprise", "National contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise" for four consecutive times "Leading enterprises of forestry industrialization in Anhui Province", "high tech enterprises in Anhui Province", "enterprise technology center in Anhui Province", "specialized and special new enterprises in Anhui Province", scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises in Anhui Province "," top 100 private cultural enterprises in Anhui Province "," demonstration base for transformation and upgrading of foreign trade in Anhui Province "," liuteng flower basket industrial base in Anhui Province ", etc "Fuyang engineering technology center" and "little giant of science and technology" and many other honors.

        The products of the company are made of green and environment-friendly production materials, mainly hand woven high-end craft home and outdoor home, covering more than 6000 varieties of 10 series, such as sofa, dining table, leisure chair, dining chair, hanging chair, screen, craft decoration, etc. its exquisite technology, beautiful appearance, practical quality, pollution-free and pollution-free features give people a return to nature, beautiful appearance and environment-friendly The original visual effect and the enjoyment of beauty are loved by domestic and foreign merchants and consumers. Some embassies of European and American countries in China also display outdoor home furnishings and wicker crafts purchased from China; Three of them were collected by China Agricultural Museum. In 2019, the company will achieve sales revenue of 187.8 million yuan and direct export of 27.04 million US dollars.

        The company adheres to the principle of "building a first-class team, making first-class products and creating first-class services"; Pay attention to social responsibility, trust and respect every employee of the company. " The company's mission and the quality concept of "international standardized management, persisting in continuous improvement of quality and safety, ensuring to meet the needs of customers" have effectively improved its soft power, good after-sales service, and the iron law of honesty and trustworthiness, which have won the trust of the majority of customers. Customers from all over the world have visited the factory and established cooperative partners, Develop direct trade of "two points and one line". After more than ten years of trials and hardships, Jinyuan home furnishing Co., Ltd. has been growing and growing. In China, the company plans to develop more than 300 outlets, especially in outdoor home furnishings and hanging baskets. The company has won good reputation among domestic consumers with its high quality and good service. In terms of foreign exports, the company's products are exported to Russia, the United States, the European Union, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the United Arab Emirates and the United States In more than 50 countries and regions, including Morocco, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Iran, Oman, Angola, Norway, Turkey, India, Serbia, Venezuela, Hungary, Portugal, Algeria, Mozambique, Israel, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, France, Poland, South Slav, etc., the company has cooperated with many well-known five-star hotels and senior clubs Villas and resorts form long-term cooperation and provide products.